MadCap Flare Training

Smart Output provides MadCap Flare training to users of all experience levels and backgrounds. We help brand new Flare users and experienced Flare gurus alike in helping them build the skill they need to deliver what their business needs. All training courses are delivered by Daniel Ferguson, a Certified MadCap Advanced Developer and Trainer and regular speaker and MadCap’s MadWorld conference.

How it Works

No two training scenarios are alike. When you work with us for training, we meet with you beforehand to understand your objectives, team structure, prior experience, and future direction. From there, we create a customized training agenda specifically for you.

We can deliver the course either on-site or remotely over web conference.

What’s the Training Experience Like?

Over the years, we’ve trained hundreds of Flare users, and we constantly improve our courses. Training from Smart Output is hands-on and interactive. We want to get you working in Flare so you can immediately apply what you’re learning. You’ll work in real Flare projects so that the concepts stick for the long term.

What Courses do you Offer?

We offer courses that span the spectrum. We’ve trained teams of complete Flare newbies as well as experienced Flare experts. Our most requested offering is our Basic/Intermediate Training course.

Basic/Intermediate Training

This course is intended for new or inexperienced Flare users, and it is our most requested course. It typically lasts either 2 or 3 days, and is usually done on-site. If your team is just getting started with Flare, or if your Flare experience is limited, this is the course for you. Some of the topics we cover in this course include:

  • How Flare projects are structured
  • The distinction between authoring, styling, and publishing
  • All aspects of Flare authoring, including working with paragraphs, lists, images, and tables
  • Using TOCs and Targets
  • Creating and managing Page Layouts, Master Pages, and skins
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Single-sourcing and multi-channel publishing in Flare

At the end of this course, you’ll be ready to start managing your own Flare projects.

Advanced Training

We also provide advanced Flare training for experienced Flare users who are looking to move their Flare skill to the next level. These courses are always custom designed and can last anywhere from 30 minutes to several days. Commonly-requested topics include:

  • Advanced Flare HTML development using CSS and jQuery
  • Global Project Linking
  • Managing complex release and product cycles
  • Using GIT source control
  • Running custom scripts as part of your Target
  • Best practices to optimize the network performance of your HTML output
  • Advanced single-sourcing

And there are many more. Complete the contact form below to see how we can help you.



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“…by far the best training I have taken. He provided practical content in a clear, concise manner clearly from the perspective of someone who uses Flare on a daily basis.”

Cathy L.

“He was fast, courteous, professional, and clearly an expert with MadCap Flare.”

Ben Goddard

“I really enjoyed Daniel’s presentation yesterday, glued to the screen. Lots of tips that I find very useful.”

Marion V.

I would strongly recommend contacting Smart Output if you’re considering any projects using the MadCap platform.

Donald Horne