MadCap Flare Consulting

Smart Output provides professional MadCap Flare consulting to clients across the globe. Our goal is to help you deliver a better product in less time.

Relying on best practices

Using the experience we’ve gained by working with dozens of clients across the globe, we make sure that your project is built on a foundation of best practices. When you work with us, you can be confident that your Flare project will be as simple, sustainable, and scalable as possible.

Building your expertise

We recognize that consulting arrangements are temporary. When you work with us, we know that we must help you build the expertise necessary for your team to manage your project long-term. This customized training is included in every consulting agreement. All consulting is managed by Certified MadCap Advanced Developer and Trainer, Daniel Ferguson.

What we can help you with

A sampling of our most common requests:

  • Flare migration. Moving from a legacy authoring environment to Flare.
  • Source control recommendation and implementation. Choose the best way to manage a complex development environment.
  • Online, mobile, and print development. Setting up your multi-channel structure.
  • Responsive design. Making sure your help site is mobile-ready.
  • Flare project tuneup. Streamlining bloated projects.
  • Enterprise Flare architecture. Setting up your projects for simplicity, sustainability, and scalability.
  • Single-sourcing  implementation. Taking advantage of Flare’s extensive single-sourcing options.
  • Stylesheet creation. Creating your CSS so you don’t have to.
  • Advanced CSS and jQuery implementation. To meet your design team’s demands.
  • Workflow analysis. Making sure your authoring, reviewing, and publishing is streamlined.
  • Optimal conditions setup. Building a conditions structure that is sustainable and predictable.

There are many more areas where we can help. Fill out the form below to get started.



MadCap Advanced Developer certification logo

“Our end users loved the final product.”

Donald Horne

“Working with Daniel was nothing short of a perfect experience.”

Ben Goddard

“All your help, experience, and patience got my company across the finish line. It wouldn’t have happened without your guidance and sharing your expertise.”

Phil Como

“He worked with me to bring the content into Flare in a way that left me, at the end of the project, ready to simply go on to the next round of updates.”

Gwen Fremonti